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Turning Down a Referred Prospect

As a small consulting business, we live and die based on referrals and leads offered up by current and past clients and colleagues. Sometimes these leads convert into actual consulting engagements and other times the lead either has sticker shock … Read more


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Research Order Taker? Vendor Selection Done Right!

There you are, sitting comfortably in your office sneaking peaks at your Facebook feed hoping to find something non-political, when you get that urgent email requesting a research study. Your company is about to initiate a new product launch and … Read more


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Who Needs Consumer Research?

Who needs research? Ok, this is not a trick question. I’m not baiting you to say yes so I can pounce and land a new client or gig. It’s a pretty straightforward question that should be no brainer to answer. … Read more


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Long Live the Focus Group

Focus groups are not dead. They are not dying. And as far as I’m concerned, they aren’t even sick. The old school traditional focus group is alive and kicking. Yes, there are new innovative technology driven tools and techniques to … Read more