Our Team uses the latest tools and techniques to uncover actionable insights. Here are just a few of the options we have expertise using.

Schorr Creative Solutions, Inc. believes that research is not cookie cutter and that all projects follow the same simple formula.  We also believe that doing research just for research sake is simply a waste of your time and budget.

While not every project requires the use of technology, we have a deep arsenal in our research toolbox.  These tools help us look at data differently, collect data differently, and help us to help you, differently.

In the end, you need actionable insights to drive your business further.  Our team is here to assist, with our gadgets and without.

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Dial Testing

We are huge fans of dial testing and have been using these state-of-the-art audience measurement tools for over 15 years. Whether it is a standard focus group of 10 respondents or a large meeting with hundreds of participants, these robust interactive systems provide immediate and accurate results with a variety of analysis options. Most often, we will combine dial testing and focus group session to provide both the “why” and “what” that your business needs to make those important decisions.

Respondents can easily answer questions, provide feedback and communicate anonymous opinions using the dials, which are wireless handheld devices. Since all results are collected electronically, respondents are not influenced by the opinions of others and the clients get to see real results, in real time.

Dial focus groups are used for TV, infomercials, movie and other types of media audience research, as well as for a host of market research applications, to get anonymous group feedback. Advertising evaluation, concept testing and product testing are among some of the other ways that we use dials for our clients.

Clearly, we love dials and the additional value that they bring to the table in most cases.

Usability Testing
Usability Testing

Hands-on usability testing provides you with hard data and vivid, undeniable examples of usability problems and marketing opportunities.  It also has the ability to help calculate and graph effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction – saving you time on analysis and reporting.

We offer usability testing so that our clients can observe research sessions live from anywhere via a network. Your notes and theirs are indexed to the video, making it easy to analyze the data later. Find all comments on the same task across all your recordings, instantly. Drag charts and tables into your report and export video clips directly to your presentation.

Usability testing has the ability to get overly technical.  However, sticking with our core mission of providing actionable insights, we use Usability Testing to help our clients understand how their target market perceives their website or mobile application, identify bugs and glitches, and understand way to optimize and enhance their audience’s experience.

Don’t just guess, let us test your site and flow with actual customers.

Word Highligher
Word Highlighter

The Message Opinion Wizard is an easy, user-friendly application that allows you to quickly gather opinions on written documents – brochures, print copy, concepts, etc. Evaluation of the material is done by having participants view the material on a Windows based tablet or PC. They can mark words or phrases as either positive or negative (or other opposing opinions as dictated by our research objectives) by highlighting the words and setting them in one of two colors. As the data is collected, it is aggregated in real time and can be examined in a number of ways including the summary program or in Word or Excel. Further analysis can be made using a variety of demographic subsets.

Over our decades in research, we used to test copy and concept ideas the old fashioned way – paper and pencil – by asking respondent to circle what they liked and cross of ideas they didn’t.  While highly valuable in a qualitative session, the Highlighter let’s us expedite our findings and spend more time probing and digging deeper and less manually counting results.

Put away the pencil and paper and get instant results allowing you to work smarter, not harder. Make every word count !