Here’s what our clients have to say.

“Romy has provided services to me as a leader of focus groups on numerous occasions, and she has done an excellent job. She has tremendous skill, great client rapport, and is very adaptable to any and all creative needs. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing a moderator, and would hire her again.”

— SVP Development, TV Network

“I had the sincere pleasure of working with Doug. We worked on several concept and in-home use tests together. Doug has an in depth understanding on researching consumer insights and he made even the most complex studies seem effortless. In addition to his consumer research expertise, Doug is a true collaborator with strong interpersonal skills that brings out the best of cross functional teams.”

— SVP R&D, Fitness/Nutrition

“Doug is an excellent, thorough researcher; a competent and skilled moderator and, first and foremost, a quality human being who carries a personal integrity into every job I have seen and/or hired him to do.”

— EVP Research, Television Network

“Romy is an absolutely brilliant and wonderful moderator with unique abilities to probe respondents in a way as to elicit insight and reactions which would otherwise often go unlearned. I wholeheartedly endorse her skills and personal attributes to anyone in need of a professional moderator.”

— EVP Research, Television Network

“Doug is a pleasure to work with and partners with you every step of the project.   Our end clients from all over the Globe have worked with him and highly recommend his services as do we at Focus Pointe Global.”

— VP Client Services, Research Facility

“Romy is an excellent moderator and a pleasure to work with. She is extremely adept at drawing out consumer opinions, motivations and emotions. Her sensitivity to business objectives, enthusiasm for new projects, professionalism and flexibility make her a “go-to” qualitative researcher. I’ve personally hired her for projects in television and digital media. I look forward to working with her again.”

— EVP Research Consulting

“Doug is a rare combination of a keen analytical mind coupled with creativity and out of the box thinking. His insights were always thoroughly researched, with conclusions that were born from both data and intuition. I have truly enjoyed working with Doug. He is an innovative thinker and is quick to move knowledge, or a particular concept, to the next level. His work was thorough, diligent, and most importantly had an impact on the bottom line. Doug was a great business partner, smart and on top of his game. I would recommend Doug wholeheartedly!”

— VP Consumer Products

“I’ve worked alongside Romy several times, and she is an excellent market researcher. She has a fun, upbeat approach and an astute knack for uncovering consumer insights in creative and innovative ways. In addition, her knowledge and expertise in the beauty category is extensive, and she is always up-to-date on the cutting edge trends and market movements within the industry. I highly recommend her!”

— Owner, Beauty Research Firm

“Doug has two gifts as it relates to research. 1) Dynamic moderator who can get to the core of what the consumer thinks and believes about your product. He gets that insightful, game-changing feedback that seems to be easily drawn out by Doug. 2) Revenue-driving reporting and recommendations. He identifies research gaps and opportunities that helps build the foundation for brand strategies, product development and customer acquisition and retention efforts. In addition, Doug is reliable, charismatic and a great person to have on the team. When Doug takes your project, it’s going to get done meticulously.”

— Business Leader, Fitness