Research Nibbles

Are you a research expert? Didn’t think so!  Shouldn’t you be focused on building and managing your business?  This is where we come in.  We answer the questions you have, fast and affordably so you can keep focused on your business.

Small Business owners have questions just like big businesses! The differences is, large organizations have either complete research teams or have immediate access to research professionals.  Small business owners have often referred to research as a “luxury they simply can’t afford” – we could not disagree more. 

In fact, we think small businesses need research as much as if not more than the big boys, so much in fact, that we’ve created an entire team to manage this function – Research Bites – snack size, yet impactful, surveys designed for small firms that have questions.

Hey?  Can’t I just do a quickie SurveyMonkey survey on Facebook?  Sure but do you know how to do it right or have the time to learn?

For a small investment you have ensure that your questions are structured, your target isn’t biased, and the results are actionable and insightful.

Every Business Needs Research!


  • Why become a research expert when you don’t have to be – focus on your business while we simply provide guidance and support.
  • You think you have a great idea/concept/promotion – we’ll test it quickly with your targeted audience and report back.
  • Have a survey somewhat designed – we’ll build from there and edit it.
  • Have no clue – we’ll build it from the ground up.


  • Quick Online Surveys
    • Snack size for efficiency
    • Targeted for effectiveness
  • We build an online survey with targeted questions (roughly 6-10 questions plus basic demographics).
  • Field the survey either to a sample of your customer database or using our online sample
    • Target the survey to the audience you seek answers to
  • Collect and prepare the data in an easy to read, straightforward PowerPoint deck
  • Turnaround – start to finish – roughly 1 business week.


  • There’s a simple process in place – proven, tested, and efficient.
  • First thing – email your request to –
  • We will then walk you through the process as quickly as you can proceed.
    • Review research need – your objectives and specification
    • Discuss key questions/issues
    • Design draft survey
    • Deliver to client for review and approval
    • Internally test and prepare survey for field activities
    • Prepare sample
    • Field survey and manage process
    • Prepare data set and assemble PowerPoint key findings summary
    • Client goes back to doing what they are supposed to be doing, just more informed and insightful than before = more effective = make more money.
    • Client refers all their business friends and colleagues to us for their research assistance!
    • Research team goes to Italy for a month.. Laptop in hand so that research keeps on keeping on.