Voice of the Consumer

We are pleased to present our latest service offering – Voice of Consumer Meeting Services.

Unlike our ideation and workshop services – in which case we work with you to design a comprehensive half or full day meeting, this service involves using us as a team member participating in your meeting.

We participate, as a team member, at your workshop or strategic planning meeting. We roll our sleeves up just like you and work through whatever exercises and discussions your facilitator (internal or external) plans. What we bring to the table is the voice of the consumer.

During your meeting, we’re digging through our knowledge and using this to help you refine plans, alter product mixes, simplify (or clarify) messaging, and sometimes simply think through the topic from a completely different perspective.

Now for obvious reasons, businesses don’t invite their customers into these workshop sessions, but don’t worry, our role is that of a professional customer with deep branding and marketing knowledge.

We have worked in the consumer research space for 18+ years, on a global basis, across numerous industries. We understand consumer behavior and perceptions and are now using this obtained knowledge to aid our clients.


  • Simple – you and your team live and breath your products, services, and brands. You simply can’t be the consumer – you know too much!
  • Your brand or workshop consultant is too busy “running” the day to focus on the content from a consumer perspective.
  • We have 18+ years or talking with and listening to consumers.
  • We don’t have to play politics in the meeting – we’re only there as your consumer representative and clearly not there to sound smart enough for that coveted promotion.


  • Why make this difficult? There’s a simple process in place – proven, tested, and efficient.
  • First thing – call us or email your request to – doug@schorrsolutions.com
  • We will then walk you through the process as quickly as you want.
    • Review meeting details – date, timing, scope, attendees, and objectives.
    • Brief us on any current issues or areas of concern.
    • Share any pre-meeting materials that are bring prepared so we can walk in ready (if we need to see anything upfront that is).
  • We show up and participate in your day from start to finish.
  • You, hopefully, have an awesome workshop and walk away from the day with a clear set of plans and next steps.
  • You tell your friends so they call us too !
voice of consumer